Incoming First Years

Welcome to the Northeastern Mutual Aid community!

Krentzman Quadrangle, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Hello class of 2026! On behalf of NU Mutual Aid, we’d like to welcome you to the start of your journey at Northeastern! We’re so excited to have you here and can’t wait to see how much you’ll grow and change our community for the better. We understand that navigating college life for the first time can be difficult. After all, this might be the first time you’ve had the responsibility of living by yourself and you may feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve got you covered with some useful resources on this page!

First, check out these links to some of our other resources:

NU Mutual Aid for Incoming Students

So what exactly is Mutual Aid?

Mutual aid aims to establish a network of solidarity to meet the needs of the community for the benefit of the entire community. Unlike charity, which relies on a “top-down” approach where only the wealthy give to others, mutual aid is “based on the idea that everyone has needs that should be met and that everyone has something to offer to help meet others’ needs, activates everyone as part of the solution, and thus has potential to get to the scale we need.” (nonprofitquarterly) Representative AOC and her team has created a mutual aid toolkit with guidelines and information about how to establish a mutual aid group if you are curious to learn more.

About NU Mutual Aid

Started by students to help other students during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, NU Mutual Aid is a student driven network that aims to continue providing support for those affected by the pandemic and extend beyond this initial goal to assist any student in need. We are always looking for individuals with all levels of experience to volunteer on our projects. If you align with our mission statement, would love to give to the community, or are looking to make friends while serving a greater purpose, please  join our Slack and come to a meeting to learn more. Additionally, if you would like to support us by donating please click here.

Below is an overview of some of our projects:


NU Mutual Aid members at the community fridge’s grand opening

Symphony Interfaith Community Fridge

Located on 70 Saint Stephen St., the community fridge operates on a “give what you can, and take what you need” basis and is open to everyone. Please see here for further guidelines on the fridge.

Some of the food offered at our food pantry

Mobile Food Pantry at Ruggles

The food pantry program is currently on pause. Please stay tuned for more information.


Snell Library on Northeastern’s Boston campus

School can be tough sometimes! We’ve all struggled with a subject or two. The classes you face in college may be more challenging than the ones you’ve had in high school so we’ve compiled some great resources to help you succeed in academics.

Professor Reviews

Looking for reviews on professor to see which one would be the best for your needs? Check out Northeastern’s TRACE surveys for detailed information on them or ratemyprofessor.

Snell Library

Snell Library provides a quiet place for students to study. The librarians are also very knowledgeable about conducting academic research and can help you sort through databases.

Academic Resources

Northeastern’s writing center is an excellent resource for writing all types of essays. The writing center also offers FREE peer tutoring for most introductory courses.

Academic Advising

You will set up a meeting with your academic advisor during your first semester to make an academic plan and discuss any questions you may have about scheduling or classes. Northeastern also has a special advising system for PreHealth students.


Northeastern is home to hundreds of unique clubs, so you’ll certainly find a club that interests you. Whether it be sports, coding, art, or even cheese, there’s something for everyone. To browse and join, please see the campus engage site.


  • Who can I contact to get more involved?
    • You can join our Slack to stay updated on when our next meeting is. All are invited to our meetings and we are always looking for new students to get involved! Feel free to introduce yourself in the general channel and let us know if you have any interest in specific projects. You can also DM us on Instagram @numutualaid or email us at!
  • How can I donate to NU Mutual Aid?
    • You can donate using the Donate button near the bottom of this webpage or here.
  • What are some organizations similar to NU Mutual Aid that I join?
    • Circle K is a branch of the Kiwanis organization that provides members with several opportunities for community service.
    • Food Recovery Network works to minimize and educated others about Food Waste on Northeastern’s campus
    • NUAces is a program where students can sign up to regularly volunteer at a community organization. 
  • I already have health insurance, why am I being charged for it on my billing statement?
    • Massachusetts law requires undergraduate students to be enrolled in health insurance. If you already have insurance, please fill out the health insurance waiver to opt out of NEU’s insurance and drop the fee
  • What’s the Husky ID used for?
    • Your Husky ID gives you access to facilities on campus such as your dorm and helps identify you as a Northeastern student. It is also used like a credit card to hold your dining and husky dollars and keep track of your meal plan. Please keep it with you at all times. If you lose your ID, you can still use the CBORD app to access buildings.
  • How can I get more husky/dining/ laundry dollars?
  • What forms do I have to submit before I attend Northeastern?
    • Please submit:
      • Your financial aid (FAFSA and CSS profile as described above, these were both due on 02/15)
      • An immunization form (due 06/30, please submit ASAP)
      • Proof of vaccination  (due 8/15, please submit ASAP)
      • Complete “I am here” by the deadline (due the Thursday before classes start)
      • Your health insurance waiver if you have your own insurance (due 09/07)
  • How can I confirm that my transfer credit was successfully received and accepted by Northeastern?
    • Please make sure to submit AP, IB, and other credit as soon as possible to Northeastern. For classes taken at another institution, please submit a copy of your transcript to the Office of the Registrar. See your degree audit to view what has been successfully transferred. 

Contacts for help

  • Academic advising for questions about scheduling, classes, or reading your degree audit
    • Since there are many academic advisors for each college, please wait for the email that your academic advisor will send you
  • Student Financial Services for questions about financial aid
    • Phone: (617) 373-3190
    • Email:
  • Questions about billing and charges
    • Phone: (617) 373-2270
    • Fax: (617) 373-8222
    • Email:
  • Office of Student Employment
    • Phone: (617) 373-3200
    • Fax: (617) 373-5175
    • Email:
  • Housing and Residential Life
    • Phone: (617) 373-2814
  • ResMail, which processes all letters and packages on campus
    • Speare Mailroom: (617) 373-5108
    • Columbus Mailroom: (617) 373-2114
  • University Health and Counseling Services
    • Phone: (617) 373-2772
  • Northeastern Police
    • Non-emergency phone: (617) 373-2121
    • Emergency phone: (617) 373-3333