Mental Health

You deserve to feel supported and you deserve relief during these stressful times.

Northeastern has a program, Find, that offers 24/7 mental health support. They help with finding next steps and connecting you with a trained counselor. As of the 2021-2022 school year, counseling sessions are free. To get support, call +1.877.233.9477 (U.S.) or +1.781.457.7777 (Intl.).

The Office of Prevention and Education (OPEN) at Northeastern offers information and support on sexual violence as well as alcohol and other drugs. Visit their website to access these resources. UHCS has also compiled mental health resources regarding counseling, support groups, and other services on their website.

Active Minds at NU has created a mental health directory for Northeastern students with a comprehensive list of resources, including Boston-area, national, and international resources.

Below are outside resources regarding mental health: