From left to right: Willis Hall, Speare Hall, West Village H, St. Stephen Street Apartments, Steston West, International Village

On-campus housing

First and second year students are required to live in university housing, while third years and above have more freedom over where they want to live. First-year students must also be on the university meal plan and will get to chose a Living Learning Community to live in to find others with similar interests.

  • Official Northeastern housing site
  • Room rates
  • Freshmen are automatically assigned housing but upperclassmen planning on staying in university housing must fill out an application in their portal and be entered into a random lottery for a time slot to select housing
    • Those who are unable to obtain housing through the lottery can go through PAWS placement as more bed spaces open up due to other students who cancel their housing for co-op or other reasons
  • NuTV, a YouTube channel run by Northeastern students, has uploaded dorm tour videos

Off-campus housing

From left to right: South End, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Back Bay, Mission Hill

Northeastern’s off-campus housing site provides plenty of information for students whose decide to live outside of official university housing. Please visit the site if you are looking for an apartment, have questions about the technicalities of signing a lease or subletting, are curious about the neighborhoods around Northeastern, or have other questions about off-campus housing in general.

Eviction Housing

Due to the pandemic, the government has recognized difficulties some people may have in paying rent whether due to loss of income or other circumstances. On August 3, 2021, the CDC issued an Agency Order that halted evictions in states with high levels of COVID-19 community spread. To check the policies in your state and for more changes to federal eviction policies, see here. Additionally, for those of you located in MA, see these resources put together by Congress member Ayanna Pressley.


Fall 2022 Move-In

  • According to Northeastern’s official website, move-in dates will occur between August 28 – September 5
  • Dates and times based on room information, information will be sent in mail packets
  • More information about move-in will be available as the time gets closer
  • Requests for move-in date changes will become available once assignments are out
  • Official move-in website

Move-In Procedure


  • See here for a list of moving and storage companies
  • See here for a price comparison of different storage companies around Boston
    • Some of these companies are still offering discounts, likely due to COVID-19

If you are in need of assistance with moving in or moving out, please feel free to ask for help in the NuMutualAid Slack or the NuMutualAid Facebook group. Anyone interested in helping with moving can join that group.